Get ready for a new year of adventure!

Nature is a Scout‘s playground.

A place to discover new things and embark on great adventures.

A place where youth gain leadership skills by leading their peers on meaningful outdoor adventures.

Through a youth-led program, Scouts pave their own path to outdoor adventure and fun; selecting and planning the activities they want to pursue; surrounded by committed and passionate Scouters who create a safe and inclusive environment.

Along the way Scouts develop the skills, values and character that will guide them through every future adventure, at every stage in life.

The perfect place for kids to be kids, memories are made and friendships are forged through the countless campfires, hikes and overnight camps.

“Scouting has made me a leader who won’t back down, and my confidence is impossible to drown. Scouting has shown me that we shouldn’t be discouraged by our mistakes, but appreciate them.” —Kate Abrahamson, Venturer Scout

“I have become involved in leading my peers and those who are younger than me in learning new skills to become better global citizens and friends to the environment. We have fundraised and volunteered, doing everything from planting trees to sorting donations—preparing ourselves to be good citizens as youth and adults.” —Emily Gartner, Venturer Scout

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