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Our Sponsor

OUR SPONSOR - the Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Scout Tree Planting at the roundabout

The Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS) is our Sponsor. The founding Principal, Mr. Ian Robertson, who was a member of Scouts Canada, whole-heartedly supported the program, saying: “The availability of Canadian Scouting is further evidence of parents’ dedication and commitment to providing opportunities for their children. It also creates a truly Canadian environment for learning and playing”.

CDNIS provides school facilities and resources to support our meetings and events. 


Beavers at LLAC

Beavers meeting @LLAC lobby

Beavers at the Green Roof

Beavers meeting @Roof top garden

Emergency at Forum

Cubs meeting @the 5/F Forum

Guidedog intro at the Forum

Cubs meeting @the 6/F Forum


Family Fun Fair Bake Sale @3/F

Bake Sale at 3rd floor student lounge

Family Fun Fair Bake Sale @3/F

Large gym ceremony

Anniversary Ceremony @Big Gym


Obstacle Course @Big Gym

School camp

Scout camp @Big Gym

3F water blitz

Water fun @3/F Playground


Obstacle Course @11/F Playground


Learning @12/F

First aid at library pitt

First aid course @Library Pit

Training at the Library Pitt

Training @Library Pit

Robotics classroom

Robotics @classroom

Training in classroom DSC 4483

Scouter training @classroom