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Who We Are


Founded in 1992 at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, the 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group (1stHKCSG) has an initial Group of three Sections with 18 Beavers, 12 Cubs and 12 Scouts, with a total of 25 volunteer parent Scouters (Leaders) and parent helpers. The Principal, Mr. Ian Robertson, who was a member of Scouts Canada, whole-heartedly supported the program, saying: “The availability of Canadian Scouting is further evidence of parents’ dedication and commitment to providing opportunities for their children. It also creates a truly Canadian environment for learning and playing”.

In 2000, our Venturer Company was inaugurated and our Rover Crew was established in 2018, making 1stHKCSG complete.

As the only Group operating outside of Canada and so far away from our homebase, we have to find our own way to train our new Scouters, form our steering committee, establish Section hierarchy, purchase and replenish uniforms, supplies and equipment, and team development to sustain high performance while at the same time, adhering to the Scouts Canada By-Law Policies & Procedures.

15th Group camp1
25th group

Over the years, 1stHKCSG has supported over 3,000 youths as they reach their full potential. Scouting is the perfect place for kids to be kids – immersed in nature and learn to respect nature, taking on new challenges and discovering the best in themselves. Through adventures like camping, hiking and paddling, new friendships are formed and memories are made, opening the door to exciting real-life hands-on experiences (by putting down the phone). Scouts learn to nurture an active, healthy lifestyle and acquire the skills for career development. Trying new things like zip lining empowers youth with the confidence and self-esteem to take on the challenges life brings.

Scouts builds leaders.  Our youth-led program sets youth up for future success, providing them with the skills and values to make a positive impact on the society.  Contributing to our community, Scouts help build a better society as active citizens creating positive changes.  Learning by doing is the core to the Scout Method.  This philosophy helps youth to gain leadership skills.  Youth learn to lead by actually leading.  Along the way, they develop into capable, confident individuals, better prepared for success in the world.  

Rooted in the Scout Law, Scouts teaches youth to be respectful, positive and trustworthy.  In Scouts, youth have opportunities to develop their abilities, to think critically, to plan, to solve problems, to innovate and to use information in an original way.  This helps them develop practical skills they can apply to become the person they want to be.  

Scouting youths learn to take responsibilities for themselves while still respecting the needs of others, embracing positive values like kindness and acceptance.  From food drives to beach cleanups, Scouts encourages youth to give back.  They express a strong sense of civic responsibility and environmental awareness.  

Here are just a few examples of how Scouting youth are giving back and making an impact on their communities.

Beavers giving back
Cubs giving back
Scouts giving back
Venturers giving back