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Cub registration

Cub Scouts Enrolment
(Age 8-10 Grade 3-5)

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Recruitment for 2024-25 is now open! 

About the Cub Scouts Program

Cub Scouts are young scouts of age around 8 to 10 (G3 to G5). With the Cub motto of “Do Your Best”, Cub Scouts are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities. Cub Scouts will experience a variety of activities including overnight camps in tents, day camps, water activities, hikes and community services throughout the school year. Outdoor skills related to scout crafts, emergency aid, camping, trail, vertical, and water are core parts of our program. Cub Scouts will earn a wide variety of badges and awards by completing specific tasks and activities or demonstrating certain skills throughout the program. 

The program runs between September to May every school year. The pack meets on Saturdays from 8:45am – 11am with ~25 meetings per school year. Meetings are normally held on school premises, except for outings and camps. Outings for the Pack often start earlier than 8:45am and run beyond the 11am. Cub Scouts take turn to help with the setup and cleanup and hence will need to come to the meeting 15 minutes prior and leave 15 minutes later when it is their turn for duty. 

Things to note before you apply

1. The child’s personal initiative is vital to his / her success in the program. Parents are expected to discuss the program with their children to ensure that they are interested and committed before applying. 

2. Your child should not have other Saturday activities that may conflict with Cub Scout meetings. Cub Scouts are expected to make every effort to attend all meetings, including occasional outings or day camps that finish in the afternoon or overnight camps that may end on Sunday. Leaves can only be requested with legitimate reasons.

3. The 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group is registered under Scouts Canada. To enroll your child to become a Cub Scout under Scouts Canada, a registration fee is charged. Like all Scout Groups, we are non-profit making. In addition to the registration fees charged by Scouts Canada, we also collect charges to run activities such as camping, hiking, and cover expenses such as insurance, badges and supplies. Uniforms also need to be purchased separately. All fees are charged on a cost-recovery basis and will be collected as required during the program.  

Role of Parents in the Cub Scout Program 

We rely on Cubs parents’ commitment to make it a rewarding program for the Cub Scouts. We need your help particularly in the following areas: 

  • Read and respond to emails and whatsapp from the group in a timely manner and regularly
  • See that your child takes care of and prepare their uniform and logbook for every meeting

  • Encourage full attendance and ensure your child come to meetings on time

  • Work with your child in achieving badges and awards at home 

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