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First Aid Program 2023

During the four day first aid program, we have all encountered learning about the different methods of first aid, especially viewed in three aspects, the first being tested on our knowledge and understanding.

Every day, information is distributed on a powerpoint slide, and we are then instructed to take notes. The powerpoints would cover topics such as how to call for help, the types of wounds, as well as learning about acrostics for methods we can use. Made-up scenarios or real-life situations about people were given, and we are then needed to describe what we would do if we were actually there. 

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Other than being tested on our knowledge and understanding, we were also taught how to address a fracture, trauma, or wounds that can be treated before the ambulance arrives. This is called bandaging. Learning how to do each bandaging properly is important if you want to be a successful first aider, which is why practicing it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to master. 

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Lastly, there is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). For me, I’d say that CPR was probably the most entertaining and lively, with all the excitement from the people around you. It inspires the young to go out there and serve for the society. In my opinion, being a first aider is an achievement that not many can achieve, as it takes a lot of commitment, diligence, but also enthusiasm. I want to be able to know how to save another life at any time, anywhere, so that they have the ability to wake up and see the world for another day.

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By Caitlyn Wee (Scouts Section)


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