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Recruitment for 2022-23 have been completed. 
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About the Scouts Program

Scouting makes a difference in the lives of children, youth and young adults. Scouts focuses on developing skills ranging from leadership, teamwork and independence, providing youth-led opportunities that allow members to determine what areas they would like to strengthen as they achieve new “firsts” and develop into global citizens. With a versatile array of program areas to focus on, Scouting welcomes youth with diverse interests, goals and achievements.

The Scout Troop Program runs between September 2022 and June 2023. The Scout Troop meets on Saturdays from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm with a total of about 30 meetings per school year. Meetings are held at CDNIS except for outings, field trips and camps. Outings for the Scout Troop often start before 9:00 am and run beyond 12:00 noon.

In response to COVID-19 or other unexpected circumstances, our Group will observe Scouts Canada’s Safe Scouting Policies & Procedures and comply with the Hong Kong Government’s policies. In addition, we take into consideration the practices of CDNIS and the Scout Association of Hong Kong to ensure safe scouting for our youths. In such circumstances, we strive to conduct physical meetings whenever possible, but will opt for online meetings when it is not feasible to meet in person.

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